Basic instructions

No experience with microcontrollers, sensors, 3D-printers, and so on is necessary to get started in the makerspace. If you need some guidance at the beginning, we will be glad to help you out.

This page contains useful guides to all the basics: how to setup a Raspberry Pi, how to operate the 3D printer and so on. In the cases where excellent guides are available elsewhere, we link to those.

Introduction to electronics

We recommend Sparkfun’s guides. Good starting points are:

Raspberry Pi

ESP8266 / ESP32

  • Which microcontroller should you choose? (TODO)
  • Programming ESP8266 / ESP32 with MicroPython (TODO)


  • Soldering for beginners (Youtube video)
  • If you are soldering headers to a circuit board, use a breadboard to hold it in place:

(Image: Sparkfun)