UCPHMakerSpace is a multidisciplinary space at the University of Copenhagen where students and employees can experiment with microcontrollers and physical prototyping. UCPHMakerspace is a shared friendly space to develop creativity, curiosity, and skills. The space also hosts public events and teaching activities.

Code of conduct

Please read the following two excellent guides to good behavior, we are adhere to the same guiding principles as stated here:

Find the makerspace

The makerspace is located at Amager near Islands Brygge st. Follow the red arrow in the image below and go the 1st floor.

Address: Njalsgade 76, 2300 København S
Room number: 5A-1-24 (Building 5A, 1st floor, room 24)


Main contacts for DIKU-part of the makerspace are right now:

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