CyberBear is an interactive product created by hacking an IKEA bear and transforming it into an IoT device using a WiFi enabled microcontroller. The project was part of the FemTech initiative at the university, which goals is to increase gender diversity in Computer Science.

Cyberbear is actuated by an e-textile button sewn onto its arm, and three green LEDs and three red LEDs. In this way, it is possible to ask questions to Cyberbear, which will reply ‘yes’ or ‘no’ by making the LEDs bright. We used Cyberbear in a workshop with 25 high-school students, who could look up their high school individual online class schedules and retrieve information on whether the birst module of their classes has been cancelled, thus allowing them to sleep longer in the morning. Cyberbear can check many other things on the Internet, such as checking whether it’s raining in your city or whether it is finally Friday. You can read more about it or find what you need to create your own Cyberbear on:

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    1. Maria Menéndez Blanco Post author

      Hi Damaris, Thanks for your interest. You can find a step-by-step guide on our FemTech page ( There you will see also find the list of materials needed to build the CyberBear, the code, and how to build it. Let us know if you have any doubts in the process. And please do share pictures with us when you finish it – We look forward to seeing your CyberBear!


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